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Freequently Asked Questions

Does towing cause long-term problems with my car?

No, it’s actually just the opposite. With the car suspended over the tires, each car rides on its own suspension whether it’s being towed or not. The suspension of the tow truck absorbs most of the bumps, and what the tow truck does not absorb your car’s own suspension does which is the same if you were driving it.

With so many cars and trucks, how do you know each towing procedure?

You’re right, there are 100’s of different makes and models and many have their own tow procedure. Manufacturers create tow guidelines for each car and truck they release and we’ve compiled and published every one of them in PDF form which our drivers all have access to.

Do tow truck drivers have training and ongoing training?

Yes, when hired each driver is put through a training regiment and it’s the same training for experienced and inexperienced drivers. This assures each driver has the same level of knowledge and they receive ongoing training when new equipment or guidelines are introduced.

Do one have to have a special licence to be a tow driver?

No, the state DOT does not mandate this. We go above and beyond what the state requires though and require all of our drivers to have clean driving record. Also, each driver has to attend a defensive driving class annually.

Can you tow lowered cars and trucks.

Yes, we have special tow trucks with a lower bed which will keep your car or truck from being damaged during loading up or the tow itself.

Can motorcycles be towed?

Yes, all of our tow trucks can tow a motorcycle safely and without damaging it. We get a lot of service calls for motorcycle towing both for local and long distance towing.

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